“Inner Peace is the Best Foundation for World Peace”

Fifth International Congress on Alternative Medicines 
and Non-Formal Education

“The Role of Spirituality in Society: Health - Education - Environment – Ethics”
To Inspire Humanity in the Third Millennium

In support of the United Nations
International Year of Dialogue among Civilisations
& The Decade for the Culture of Peace


In Support of the
United Nations


The Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation’s Fifth International Congress on Alternative Medicines and Non-Formal Education was officially inaugurated on the 25th of February by Mr Ram Krishna Tamrakar, Minister for Health with the lighting of the Lamp.

This yearly event traditionally held at the Himalayan Healing Centre has once again attracted participants from around the world and was broadcast live on HBC94fm. Minister Tamrakar in his opening speech speaking of the continued environmental degradation and its devastating consequences, said “ we shall all be relieved to learn that we can deal with the present situation and control the ramifications of inhuman, destructive and disastrous activities by raising the level of spiritual awareness among people at large”; “appropriate measures must be taken in time” he continued, “in order to remedy the present situation of mental and spiritual poverty”. Understanding and mutual cooperation are at the forefront if we are to reach the goal of a better human society characterized by peace.

The role of spirituality in Society is relevant in all sectors, be it health, education, environmental care as well as ethics.  As Minister Tamrakar said “spiritual poverty presupposes an ill health with an ill mind…..sound health and sound mind are indispensable for both physical health and prosperity”. Concluding,  Health Minister Tamrakar expressed his strong conviction that the coming days would see “all of us actively involved in consolidating the foundation of a morally sound and spiritually prosperous society”, by “making headway through the launching of various human welfare programs”. He was later echoed by Professor Anton Jayasuriya, a world renowned physician from Sri Lanka, who said “ inner peace is the driving force and that is the immunology of the system”. The contribution to the “International Decade for the Culture of Peace” from the spiritual and religious leaders is of paramount importance if we are truly concerned with inspiring humanity positively in the third millennium. Focusing upon fostering education for better living with “new methods and more wisdom”, Lama Gangchen once again appealed for non-formal peace education and the need to create a permanent Spiritual Forum for World Peace, a proposal first launched in 1995, which already receives world wide support from all corners of society.

The need for more networking and cooperation among  GOs, NGOs and INGOs was stressed throughout the conference, and the presence of the Peace Broadcasting radio HBC94fm gave participants a chance to reach out to the public at large with their specific message. The Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation – a United Nations Affiliated NGO - project branch “Help in Action” is contributing greatly to giving the most deprived a chance for an education. To date, over 1’500 children have been adopted at a distance in the Himalayan Region.

Before concluding the Congress with a special dedication to the work of the United Nations and its agencies on the occasion of  the International Year of Dialogue among Civilisations and the Decade for the Culture of Peace, Mr Lhundup Dorji Lama, National Chancellor of the International Association of educators for World Peace (Nepal/India/USA, asked for all to “pledge to remove the obstacles in the long search for peace”, with a clear message, “to reach Peace, teach inner and outer Peace”.