“Inner Peace is the Best Foundation for World Peace”

Youth Programme for Culture and Meditation

hosted by the Dhammakaya Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand
held from the 9th to the 17th of February 2000



In Support of the
United Nations


My name is Lama Gangchen (Lama Healer) and I would like to talk about the role of youth action in inspiring and empowering both the United Nations and society in general, using the example of the proposal for the creation of a United Nations Spiritual Forum for World Peace as an example.

Firstly, I would like to share the proposal with you before illustrating its contents.

(reading of the proposal)

We hope that you have all received a copy of the “A solution for theThird Millennium” Spiritual Forum  1995 - 1999 report, to which we are refering here.

We, as a collective of NGO groups and individuals ask that the spiritual nature of all life be recognised as a shared understanding and be incorporated intoall future discussions and documents of world importance.

To further this, we ask that the forthcoming Millennium Forum recognise the need to create a deliberate strand for those people who feel called to the United Nations from an inner knowingness that the spiritual perspective can further a new culture of peace.

We recognise a culture of peace as more than the absence of war and more than positive values. We recognise that thespirit of each human being must be nurtured even as the body is protected from hunger and from violence. We further recognise that nature tells us that we must come into balance to preserve the abundance of the web of life on this planet.

Furthermore, we accept all religions and honour them as expressions of divine truth.

Therefore, we are requesting that the Secretary General Kofi Annan recognise that spirituality must have a formal recognition at the United Nations, as it will be an important key for all world issues that arise in the coming century.

It is recommended that a permanent Spiritual Forum be established of willing individuals who come to the United Nations in altruistic service for a common humanity. Let this group focus upon the understanding that spirit permeate all ideas and resolutions. This forum need not be another organisation, but rather an invitation for dialogue and experiential learning for furthering this decade for a culture of peace.

Our collective agreement is to support all efforts which inherently unify diverse thinking to effect positive human values for the betterment of all life. We are inviting spiritual leaders, religious leaders, individuals who remember their spiritual nature and all interested persons to participate in a spiritual forum dedicated to building the Culture of Peace for the 21st century.

We, members of the LGWPF, an NGO associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information, and collaborating with the International Association of Educators for World Peace (ECOSOC, UNESCO, UNDPI, UNCED, UNICEF), as well as with the Legion of Goodwill and the World Peace Prayer Society, have since 1995 brought to the public’s attention, the fact that members of the spiritual traditions face a glass ceiling in terms of their possible positive influence at the UN. We are in fact trying to break through that glass ceiling, not for our own benefit, but for that of the whole of humanity. To that purpose we continuously hold and participate in numerous conferences and roundtable discussions worldwide, to educate the public and also members of governments, of this fact and to advocate for change. We feel this change is necessary because it is fundamentally unwise that spiritual leaders, people with incredible emotional intelligence and compassion, are excluded from discussion or decision making on the future of the planet.

The planet as a company is almost bankrupt. Therefore, we should call in new consultants, who can suggest a variety of new approaches to the difficult problems now facing humanity.

The LGWPF is not linked to any particular governement; as a humanitarian organisation, it follows its ethical principles in working towards the creation of a Spiritual Forum for World Peace to give a voice to all spiritual communities at international levels, something they clearly do not possess.

At present, spiritual leaders are isolated and therefore powerless to act or even express their opinions within the higher levels of the UN structure, even though the Constitution of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation clearly states that “Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds ofmen that the defenses of peace must be constructed”.

Surely since the spiritual traditions have worked exclusively in the area of healing the hearts and minds of men and women for thousands of years, to exclude their expertise is somewhat strange to say the least.

Now, after the end of the cold war, the various religious NGOs have an unprecedented chance to improve their role in good governance. You are the builders of the future of this planet, your generation can and will make a difference. Let us unite wisdom, experience and youth together and break through the glass ceiling that was erected in the aftermath of the second world war. Together we can do it, and what a wonderful gift to humanity that would be, at the beginning of the third millennium, to have the various spiritual perspectives included in discussion and decision making on all world issues that arise in the coming century.

Recognising the spiritual dimension would be immensely empowering for the United Nations, so please let us call upon all of you to get inspired and act to help make this vision for a “Culture of Peace” a reality, please!

Thank you very much.

Inner Peace and World Peace
Now and Forever
By the Attention of all Humanity
And all the Holy Beings Blessings