“Inner Peace is the Best Foundation for World Peace”


In Support of the
United Nations



  • International Medical cooperation to promote Health Projects in Tibet, India and Nepal (including DOT programme and mother and child clinic); int. congress in Beijing, China to promote natural medicines (WHO programs and “Health for All…”)

  • Water project in Tibet, China in support of UNEP fresh water campaign

  • Planting of trees in Tibet, China in support of Agenda 21 and UNEP “One billion trees for life”

  • Children educational programmes in Nepal in support of the decade of a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the children of the world

  • Healing journeys to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil in support of the Decade of the World’s Indigenous people, to help preserve their environmental, cultural and spiritual traditions

  • Schools in Nepal for carpet factory workers in support of ILO convention on child labour

  • Revitalisation of rural and alpine cultures such as the Albagnano mountain village in Italy

  • Cultural education programmes to promote and sponsor heritage sites such as Lumbini and Borobudur in support of the UNESCO culture preservation campaign.

  • Co-sponsored bronze elephant statue placed in United Nations headquarters gardens, gift presented by Kenya, Namibia and Nepal, as a “tribute to the environment and commitment to the preservation of the natural world: forever expressing the hope that all animals and human beings may exist in harmony and peace with nature”

  • Support the creation of a permanent Spiritual Forum intended to provide a neutral and democratic permanent space at the global public level, where all those religious institutions and spiritual movements which are willing to join forces with the United Nations in the task of building and consolidating peace around the world could meet and jointly develop useful ways of cooperation, hence:

  • Founding member of the Provisional Steering Committee and the coalition promoting the initiative for the launch of a United Nations International Decade for Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation for Peace (2011-2020). www.faithdecadeforpeace.net