Generosity Garden
Fundraising Campaign
1 euro a day

“Generosity is the seed for
peace and happiness”
T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen

Request for adhering to Generosity Garden Fundraising Campaign


9th Anniversary - April 2014

“Buddha did not eat evening meals in order to dedicate them to all sentient beings; I am asking all my friends to contribute with one seed (one euro) a day for the maintenance of our Mandala. There is no doubt that these seeds will germinate and bear abundant fruit in the future. I commit myself to perform special pujas every month, reciting the names of all those who in this way are dedicated to the scope of benefiting this and forthcoming generations, by supporting our Mandala. Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre is our holy place, where we can receive great benefits for our lives, and help us to satisfy all our spiritual aspirations”.

T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen


Dear friends,

Lama Ganchen has always emphasised the importance of the role the AHMC plays in helping people to find physical and mental wellbeing through non formal education, art, yoga, meditational practices and in offering to the world values seemingly lost today.

We all, in reality, are contributing to sustain the Centre. For seven years up to this very day, thanks to the Generosity Garden campaign and the contributions of sponsors, volunteers, and disciples, the debt incurred in the purchase of the property has been significantly reduced and many projects visible to all who visit our Centre have been realized.

The first stage of the Temple of Heaven on Earth has been completed, the very heart of our teachers and the daily Guru Puja which is dedicated in a special way to whomsoever participates in the Generosity Garden. Whatever we give to the Centre comes back to us through the precious energy of our mandala and particularly the Temple of Heaven on Earth which gifts to each of us the personal experience of love and compassion.

Besides all this, we are, in these days obtaining the required permissions for the developments of AHMC and your continuing support, as always, is of vital importance.

thanking you most sincerely,

Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre

Inner Peace and World Peace, Now and Forever,
With the Attention of all Human Beings and
With the Blessings of all the Holy Beings


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