Peace Times - Nº 16 - July 2000

Founded by T. Y. S. Lama Gangchen on October 9th, 1996, International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

Good News for the World
Founded on the 9th of October 1996 by T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen Director: Gloria Pozzi
English Edition: Sharon Dawson, Enrica Mazzi Layout: Enzo Di Lauro
Photos: S. Dawson, F. Prevosti, 
A. Pancamo, C. Robustelli

Via Marco Polo, 13 - 20124 Milano
Tel: 02-6590442 Fax: 02-29010271
 President: Gloria Pozzi
Vice presidents: Franco Ceccarelli, Patrizia Tursini - Authorised by the Milan Tribunal, No. 661 - 4/12/96
Printed by Work Team SasVia Settembrini 15, Milan, Italy

 LGWPF UN affiliated NGO
United Nations supporter
  According to the law protecting personal data - 675/96,
the editor guarantees maximum confidentiality as to the information given by subscribers, as well as the right to freely alter or cancel all or any part of it.

«May Peace Prevail on Earth»


A Little «Help» Travels a Long Way
The association of the «poor lama» to the aid of those in need

From East to West
Friendship in the name of spirituality and humanitarian aid
by T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen


Gangchen: a Challenge Won
A new monastery, a clinic and school: the villages that have returned to life
by Sharon Dawson

Once Upon a Time...

The Strength of a Smile
Optimistic by nature, Gangchen villagers now see their dreams come true

A Wish Fulfilling Lake

Untapped Water?
Under examination the 3 springs which could provide an irrigation system to Gangchen


Albagnano, shines with the Light of Buddha
A very special visitor at the Healing Meditation Center: 
the young master Trijang Rinpoche «We must make every moment of our life meaningful, by working to benefit other beings». Inauguration of the great circular prayer hall
by Enrica Mazzi