Plant a tree
to help the planet breathe

  in support of UNEPs "One billion trees for Life" programme

Trees possess the precious quality of absorbing carbon dioxide so it follows that it is fundamental to protect the last great green areas of our planet and create new ones. The cause of the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere lies in great part in our use of fossil fuels such as petroleum. The ills which afflict our planet are the effect of a society that has no respect for the environment. The prime materials used in the production of energy are petroleum, coal and methane, which when burned, emit carbon dioxide in too great quantity for our planet.

Through our indifference we have contributed to the damage of the ecosystem and thus to our own lives.

We have to find something to do to remedy the situation: it is our responsibility to care for and preserve what we leave to ourselves and to our children in the future.


The Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation, an NGO affiliated to the United Nations, has for years been contributing to the protection of the environment and the global ecosystem through various projects wherein reforestation has already created two green areas in this field with a total of 25,000 trees planted.

Right now we are able to take part in the creation of a green space in the zone of Gangchen in the district of Shigatse in Central Tibet, a desert zone with an altitude of 4500mt, which is in particular need of trees and water. The project provides for the creation of a green area requiring the planting of 10,000-20,000 trees, (depending on funds collected). A certain number of trees will be planted along the new metalled road which leads to Gangchen monastery.


“Plant a tree to help the planet breathe”


You can also plant a tree by making a contribution of €10 which will cover the costs of purchase and care of growth.  Each tree will be given a dedication of your choosing:

  • for the fulfillment of a wish

  • for a birth

  • for a decease

  • for the healing of a sick person

  • for one’s parents or a dear one

  • for any other occasion


Contributions will be gathered by the secretariats of the Centres in the various countries or by bank transfer:

Lama Gangchen Help in Action ONLUS

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Banca Popolare di Sondrio - AG.13 Milano

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