Peace Times - Nº 11 - April 1999

Founded by T. Y. S. Lama Gangchen on October 9th, 1996, International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

Good News for the World
Founded on the 9th of October 1996 by T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen

LGWPF UN affiliated NGO

 Director: Gloria Pozzi
English Edition: Isthar D.-Adler, Sharon Dawson, Caroline Gammon
Impagination: Enzo Di Lauro
Photos: I. D.-Adler, S. Dawson,
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President: Gloria Pozzi
Vice presidents: Dr Franco Ceccarelli, Dr Patrizia Tursini
Authorised by the Milan Tribunal,
No. 661 - 4/12/96
Printed by Work Team Sas
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According to the law protecting personal data - 675/96,
the editor guarantees maximum confidentiality as to the information given by subscribers, as well as the right to freely alter or cancel all or any part of it.

«May Peace Prevail on Earth»

Paola and Chiara, Italian singers

Choijamts Da Lama, Abbot of Ganden Tekcholing Monastery

Philip Glass, composer


I read it...
want to read it too?


Never too late to live in peace
Let us educate ourselves to use our time well, and learn to give a true sense to our existence

Nobel up front

Debtless Third World

A conference to change the world
From the 11th - 15th of May, hundreds of international organisations meet in the Hague


Faith, teacher of tolerance
At UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, a conference on the role of religions in education
Emile Moatti: «Rediscovering the ethnic heritage of spiritual traditions». Kaisa Savolainen: «Let us invest finances in culture and not in arms». Lama Gangchen: «Inner peace is the best long term investment for humanity»

Peace events
Earth Trustee Award & Peace Bell Ceremony

Lions & Rotary dialogues
Meetings for brotherhood among nations are flourishing
in Italy


Healing centre, ongoing challenge
Positive balance for the Nepalese medical structure at the service of the poorest
In 4 years, 17 thousand patients visited. Icing on the cake, dental care! And now also a new clinic dedicated to the eradication of tuberculosis

Calling all doctors

Help in Action, strength in unification
New seat in Kathmandu, in collaboration with the Gangchen Service Association, for the correct management of donations


In the waves of Ghengis Khan
On the discovery of the beautiful Mongolian Republic, a place where time seems to have stopped
In the capital Ulan Bator, visit Ganden Choeling and see the bronze Buddha of the mythical sculptor Zanabazar
In the Gobi, 108 white stupas that surround the temple of Erdene Zu. In Darhan, the great monastery of Guru Deva

Where Manjushri lives
Travel to the sacred places of the Shanxi region of China


Life has returned to Gangchen
In a forgotten part of Tibet, near Shigatse, the work to reconstruct a monastery continues
One hundred villagers working on the site of the new construction. Two months after the first stone was laid, the first of four floors has already been completed. In course, a massive reforestation intervention. Also planned in the village, are both a new school and a dispensary

Here’s how to support the LGWPF project


Peace Educators
Congress in Milan for a better future

Two worlds, one life
Macrocosm and microcosm in perfect harmony
The balanced relationship between the inner universe and the surrounding reality of serenity. The practice of virtue and the way of acceptance

Monks face to face
Inter-religious meeting at the Abbey of Chiaravalle, Italy

Talk it out
The experience of the «Boutique du droit»

Ethical finance, a sure winner
Since 26 years the South Shore Bank of Chicago gives credit to the poorest to combat social degradation


Non-violent Future
Madrid Congress: 7th to 9th of May

Peaceful alternative
In Kathmandu, world talks on the «healing» of humanity
Among the most interesting speeches, those of peace educator Nath Prasad and former Ambassador Jayaraj Acharya. Meeting with Prime Minister Koirala
e del Forum spirituale Permanente per la pace. Relatori da ogni parte del mondo

Happy Death
Gaunts House from 24th to 28th of June

A tale of two Peace Cities
Twinning between Loano and Francheville in the name of dialogue among nations


Tell me why?
Direct Line with Lama Michel

Fill up with energy
Tibetan teacher Jangchub explains how to make «offerings»
Let us learn how to practise the second of the «Seven Limbs»: water, rice and all of macrocosm’s and microcosm’s best dedicated to all holy beings

Spring-summer, phlegm and wind alert
Much precious advice from Himalayan medicine towards a healthier behaviour and diet for the season


Healing with crystal massage
Discover the Tantric therapeutic system that touches the meridians and stimulates the vital essence drops
With the ancient method of Guyusamaja it is possible to cure physical, mental and emotional problems through touching the 32 points of the physical and auric body, using mudras and mantras. A course June 3rd to 13th, at the Global Village, Bagni di Lucca

The secret of good health is in the stones

Feng shui: a healthier home environment
From profound Chinese wisdom, the golden geomantic rules for positively organising your home and surroundings


Clowns for peace
«Pallassos sensa fronteres» bring a smile of comfort to refugees
From South America to Africa, a troupe of actors bring laughter to those who have lost everything through war. In 5 years, shows in 100 camps

Coffee Bar alternative
In Milan, health with a difference

Goodbye alcohol with Self-Healing
A testimony from England about how the NgalSo practice works against addiction

A pinch of cumin and digestion is guaranteed
Thousand ways to use aromatic plant already much appreciated by ancient Romans: from the culinary to veterinary use

A mass a day...


Pedalling with peace
Meeting with Marco Banchelli, teacher and cyclist, dedicated to unifying people
He has covered thousands of miles on his mountain bike from Kenya to China, carrying messages of hope written by his young students. A fatal attraction for the Royal Kingdom of Nepal

A very special site

Faith served up on your plate
The culinary traditions of various religions come to the rescue for a healthy diet

Sweet and sour love
Half-serious thoughts of falling in love ingredients