Peace Times - Nș 13 - October 1999

Founded by T. Y. S. Lama Gangchen on October 9th, 1996, International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

Good News for the World
Founded on the 9th of October 1996 by T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen

LGWPF UN affiliated NGO

 Director: Gloria Pozzi
English Edition: Isthar D.-Adler, Sharon Dawson
Layout: Enzo Di Lauro
Photos: I. D.-Adler, C. Back, S. Dawson, F. Prevosti

Via Marco Polo, 13 - 20124 Milano
Tel/Fax: +39 02-6590442

President: Gloria Pozzi
Vice presidents: Franco Ceccarelli, Patrizia Tursini
Authorised by the Milan Tribunal,
No. 661 - 4/12/96
Printed by Work Team Sas
Via Settembrini 15, Milan, Italy

According to the law protecting personal data - 675/96,
the editor guarantees maximum confidentiality as to the information given by subscribers, as well as the right to freely alter or cancel all or any part of it.

«May Peace Prevail on Earth»

Positive Transformation


The Challenge of the III Millennium
by T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen


«Power to the People»
Korea: NGO proposals for the 21st century
By Isthar D.-Adler

50,000 Mini Artists

A common homeland for a Culture of Peace
Lively debate at UN among NGO representatives.
Kofi Annan: more awareness of our interdependence
is needed
by Isthar D.-Adler

Small change

The dawning of a new day

Religions & politics unite

UN calendar of international days


Off to Borobudur
by Carmen Iodice

Albagnano, city of peace

Kuala Lumpur:
prayer & social service in the name of Buddha


Schools & clinics for Roof of the World


Saving our Elders
In India, last summer, helping the aged and poorest.
New hope for eight «pensioners»
by Sharon Dawson

Cops siding with Calcutta street kids

Nepalese S.O.S
American tells about the suffering of infants.
«Help in Action» to the rescue
by Beverly Bronson


Natural Medicine made in Tibet
A soft therapeutic system connecting mind and body
by Carmen Robustelli

Healing Centre Dental Clinic
The extraordinary experience of an Italian dentist
by Cristina Pinnavaia

A laugh a day keeps the doctor at bay
by Enrico Molinari


Skyscraper for Tsong Khapa
In Jushu, Tibet: Demo Gonsar Choeche Rinpoche
built a ten storey palace to house the statue of the
great Buddhist Master
by Cosy Back

Boston: NgalSo Self-Healing Institute
by Tiziana Ciazullo

The very root of suffering
The causes for our problems are not to be found on the outside, but rather they are to be sought within ourselves
by Lama Michel

«Rites of passage»
by Enrico Molinari