Peace Times - Nº 14 - January 2000

Founded by T. Y. S. Lama Gangchen on October 9th, 1996, International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

Good News for the World
Founded on the 9th of October 1996 by T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen

LGWPF UN affiliated NGO

 Director: Gloria Pozzi
English Edition: Isthar D.-Adler, Sharon Dawson
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Photos: I. D.-Adler, C. Back, S. Dawson, F. Prevosti,
C. Robustelli

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 President: Gloria Pozzi
Vice presidents: Franco Ceccarelli, Patrizia Tursini - Authorised by the Milan Tribunal, No. 661 - 4/12/96
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According to the law protecting personal data - 675/96,
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«May Peace Prevail on Earth»

The flowers of peace
never wither


Peace in 2000: best investment!
Auspicious new year to change our lifestyle
by T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen

Under the Sign of the Metal Dragon


Borobudur: 100’000 flames for world peace
LGWPF celebrates the new century with prayers
and meditation on the ancient Javanese stupa,
a true symbol of universal harmony
by Cosy Back

Nepal: 4th world congress
International appointment with doctors, therapists and educators towards a new non-violent culture for safer health
by Ishtar D.- Adler

Losar, a time for new hope and joy

Albagnano, a new Self-Healing village on the map
by Carmen Iodice

«Renunciation = happiness»
by Lama Michel

Spiritual Forum: good news for all
The proposal for the creation of a permanent assembly at the united Nations to hear the voice of religious and spiritual leaders is presented in South Africa, Israel and Canada
by Isthar D.- Adler

In Gandhi & King’s footsteps
Nelson Mandela rewarded in New York for his commitment to non-violence
by Ishtar D.- Adler

Devi in the name of progress

UN Calendar

Historical Quotes
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan often speaks of the great contribution which world religions and spiritual traditions make to the United Nations and towards world peace.


HHC: reports healthy results
This year: destination Kathmandu, Nepal for an increasing number of European volunteer doctors armed to fight tooth decay for brighter smiles all around
by Carmen Robustelli

Defeating polio!

Gangchen Monastery, the miracle continues
The main structure completed, materials are being gathered to build the monks’ living quarters and to bring water to the entire village. A long life stupa as well as a perimeter wall have been erected
by Enzo Di Lauro

Generosity travels accross the world


5 elements & 3 humors of well-being
by Carmen Robustelli


Adoptions: already 1200
Help and assistance for both children and old people in poor countries is fast increasing, also thanks to media support in weekly magazines
by Sharon Dawson

Samling Montessori Model School


Talk to the friendly Bank
From Bangladesh: The extraordinary experience of Muhammad Yunus and his Grameen Bank
«We only lend money to the poorest of the poor»
by Roberta Passerini

Sixteen golden rules