Peace Times - Nº 12 - July 1999

Founded by T. Y. S. Lama Gangchen on October 9th, 1996, International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

Good News for the World
Founded on the 9th of October 1996 by T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen

LGWPF UN affiliated NGO

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President: Gloria Pozzi
Vice presidents: Franco Ceccarelli, Patrizia Tursini
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No. 661 - 4/12/96
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According to the law protecting personal data - 675/96,
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«May Peace Prevail on Earth»
(World Peace Prayer Society)

Together cultivating the flowers of peace


Peace at long last
Reflecting upon the long suffering war ending in Kosovo: who really won and who lost?
Armed conflicts defeat all. Lets put a stop to violent energetic and financial investments

Very special schools
In Austria, Canada and Italy it is possible to study «peacekeeping»

Churches reconciled
Historical meeting of the Pope and Patriarch

Saving the Amazon: a prize winning project


This is the time to stop injustice
In De Hague 10 thousand people from 100 countries discuss a new society for the III millennium
Kofi Annan: «the ultimate crime is to miss the chance for peace, and so condemn your people to the misery of war»
The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs: «Let us take up the challenge to give hope to those who have suffered human rights abuses»

One thousand years of peace

From the UN calendar: Days to remember

From Seoul to Geneva


Gangchen, the miracle of growth
Already completed two of the four floors of the monastery in a small village near Shigatse
The work continues without a break to finish the building so that the structure will be ready in August. The recently planted fruit trees are now in flower: the environmental awareness of the entire community has been reawakened.

Pilgrimage for the inauguration

Help in action, on behalf of the girls
Financial help for Nepalese families who regardless of their poverty want to give a scholastic education to their young daughters

S.O.S. Riwo Choeling


Peace Culture Congress
Report from the congress held in Madrid

The virtue which is the key to success and happiness
The examples of Jesus, Saint Francis, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa.
The secret power of the practice of silence and patience to develop inner peace

For peace sake
Costa Rica and New Mexico: extraordinary ceremonies
and conferences

100’000 people marching to end war
On foot from Perugia to Assisi in a testimony of friendship and brotherhood


UN Spiritual forum: on the way!
Support grows for the proposal of a permanent forum for spiritual leaders at the United Nations
A book and many meetings to sustain the idea that spiritual leaders can play a decisive role in bringing about world peace

For a new future

Stonehenge, solstice of prayer
In England at the sacred holy site of the ancient Druids,
a meeting for inter-religious dialogue

The LGWPF grows bigger:
a new seat for conferences in Milan

Comiso, ex Nato base is «converted»


India, in Buddha’s footsteps
Discovering ancient sacred sites where for centuries Buddhists, Hindus and Jains have lived
First stop Bodhgaya: under the tree of enlightenment and tower of Mahabodhi. The sacred columns of Emperor Ashoka. Stops also at the stupas of Sarnath and Sanchi. The caves of Ajanta, Ellora and Khaneri Gopa carved into the rocks

Useful information for the trip


Searching for a hymn to peace
The biggest ever music competition organised in Italy for the year 2000
«Peace closely affects us all and music has the power to mobilise the masses» explains Marcella Foscarini the soul of the initiative. The best 30-40 tracks will be transmitted live on television with an expected audience of three hundred million viewers.

United Peace Voices in association

Rock star at the service of the poorest
Bono presents a petition of seventeen million signatures to the German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder

When stress sends the computer in tilt
Semi-serious reflections on the breaking down of the machines of advanced technology due to our nervousness


The enemy is within
Direct Line with Lama Michel

The Dharma Way
Discovering Buddha Shakyamuni’s words of wisdom
Three principles to reach enlightenment.
In Tantra: the secret to transform energies and realise one’s own potential


Negative actions never again!
The Buddhist practice of confession

Long life & health
Lama Gangchen celebrates his birthday on the 7th of July
A special cerimony organised in Milan to express devotion to the Guru. Tibetan songs, dances and culinary delights. On the 8th, Vajrayogini Tsog

Fertile healing ground
New healing centre near Lake Maggiore in Italy dedicated to peace education

Kunpen programme in September
In the new programme of Kunpen Lama Gangchen:
dharma teachings, initiations and traditional prayer rituals


A colourful dish
An enjoyable rainbow diet to purify and strengthen
Every food has a particular energetic vibration according to its tonality. The week starts with red foods and finishes with violet

Healthy inside & out
Relationship between body and mind

Homeopathy go ahead

Peace cereals
Initiative with a difference by a Usa Bakery

Tchulen, healing with flowers
How to regenerate body and mind with an ancient Tibetan practice

A touch of magic
Discovering Watsu: shiatsu in water


Wall to wall harmony
Following NgalSo Feng Shui principles to create the «perfect» house
Walls painted in natural shades, space for plants, candles, crystals and wind chimes
Offerings and prayers on the day of the big move

A house in the tree
The unusual story of Julia-Butterfly

Laugh and feel better
The comic therapy of American doctor Patch Adams

The key word for this summer: love!
Astrological predictions for each and every sign to make the season of light and warmth more enjoyable