Peace Times - Nº 10 - January 1999

Founded by T. Y. S. Lama Gangchen on October 9th, 1996, International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

Good News for the World
Founded on the 9th of October 1996 by T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen

LGWPF UN affiliated NGO

 Director: Gloria Pozzi
English Edition: Isthar D.-Adler, Sharon Dawson, Carmen Iodice
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President: Gloria Pozzi
Vice presidents: Dr Franco Ceccarelli, Dr Patrizia Tursini
Authorised by the Milan Tribunal,
No. 661 - 4/12/96
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«May Peace Prevail on Earth»

Even Buddhas like good news!


Religions uniting for peace
Proposal for a permanent spiritual forum at the UN in answer to the challenges of the III millennium
How to live in harmony with oneself, with others and with the environment. Let us listen to the voice of wisdom of religious leaders

Looking to infinity

Earth Rabbit Year welcomes stability
Auspicious poem dedicated to world peace and global good health in 1999


A Society for all ages
United Nations proclaimed 1999 the International Year of Older Persons
Secretary General Kofi Annan: «Older people, are both agents and beneficiaries of global development»
A rich and varied calendar of events both in the USA and Europe to sensitise public opinion

EURO Hello & Welcome

Elephant to say: thank you Mother Earth
The life-size elephant bronze was officially received by the United Nations on the 18th of November 1998



Help in Action: the road of love
The association goes to the aid of children, aged, disabled and monks residing in all parts of India
70,000 dollars handed out. Support also given to the school for young monks in Sera monastery; over 400 people in the area received contribution from sponsors. How 250 dollars a year can save a life

Help a Tibetan Granny at a distance

Nepal adoptions: over 150
Increase in new sponsors thanks to «enlightened» press


Unprecedented meetings in Beijing
Solemn ceremony to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the death of the Tenth Panchen Lama
On the 28th of January, numerous political authorities and high religious personalities honoured the great master
Among those present at the event, the new reincarnation of the Panchen Lama, the Seventeenth Karmapa and the Abbot of Yonghegong

Tibet, sacred land of spirituality
A journey to twelve thousand feet on the discovery of the Roof of the World and its extraordinary culture


Gangchen Monastery reborn
In Tibet, near Shigatse, foundations are laid for the rebuilding of this ancient structure
Fund raising is already underway. A US$ 400,000 project that aims to help the people in one of the poorest regions west of Lhasa

5 centuries of history

Buddha journeys from Java
Five statues by a renowned Indonesian artist are on
their way


Tell me why?
On direct line with Lama Michel

From life to death
Prepare yourself to confront the time of passing peacefully
Buddhist principles help us to understand impermanence of all things and how to remove the causes that make it a fearful and negative experience

Conflicts away
Reflections on interdependence

Prostrations: to say goodbye to negativities
Geshe Jangchub Gyaltsen, Buddhist teacher shows principles to practise first of «Seven Limbs»


Congress for everyone
From 17th to 19th february in Kathmandu, meeting on the medical science
Partecipantes from all the world. Discussion on the themes of alternative medicines, No-Formal Education and Spiritual permanent Forum

From UK to Nepal 2000
Help for a very poor country

Go Radio Go
Soon to be inaugurated in Nepal

Omeopathy toward a law

Seeking Buddha
Italian archeologists dig up award

Everyone is smiling brightly in Tinchuli
A new laboratory for dental preventation and care is being completed at the Himalayan Healing Centre


Healing Light
Experience of an English researcher

«How to mediate»
Peace Education courses in Tuscany and Milan start in April
Professor Daffern from England: «personal and social conflicts can be healed by combining ancient and modern philosophical and spiritual techniques»

Stars to make your soul shine
How the stars will affect us over the next three months

Divination & Destiny
How much truth is in predictions

Yin Yang Diet


The Aborigines win the day
Work to overcome cultural differences in the name of environmental protection in Arnhem, Australia
Natives of one of the remotest areas of the fifth continent were not consulted in ‘68 when a mine was opened on their territory, today however, all deforestation programmes and non-indigenous visiting rights are under their control

Peace Pole in Sydney
A gift to the Parliament of the state of New South Wales

Around the world
Travelling successes for LGWPF

Two cities - One award

Death, course for 250

The Maya in Florida


Thyme, good for the lungs
Thousand uses for the little plant with an unmistakable scent and striking therapeutic properties
Found on the plains and in the mountains, it is a great balm and expectorant, as well as being a vermifuge, digestive and antiseptic. Particularly indicated for coughs and tracheitis widely used against arthritis and acne. To try as a tonic.

Tea keeps the doctor away
The popular infusion that prevents and cures illnesses

Tibetan Medicine - holistic science

Church & pressure
Results of university research in USA


Study Religions?
Spiritual knowledge as a means to achieve lasting happiness
The study of sacred principles raises us to a higher level of existence. To learn patience, perseverance, courage, humility & calmness

Stonehenge revisited
Sacred site reopens to meditation

Saint Benedict rediscovered
Homage to Franciscan son of slaves who lived in 1500, and was canonised in 1800

God in workplace
Spiritual consultants in US companies

Ragusa for peace

Church-train rolls in
Novelty for Russian orthodox followers